People are strange when you’re a stranger.

I didn’t think much of it when an older gentleman with an easy-wheel cart, full of art supplies and sketching materials, pulled up a chair next to me at the coffee shop I was in.

I was working on a couple of articles for my Monday deadline, was intent on staying focused and kept my headphones plugged in to avoid any outside distractions.  It was only Saturday,  but I wanted to send them off to my editors for review before Monday, so I was clearly On A Mission.

My perspective changed slightly without my fully realizing it when he very nicely asked if he could leave his cart behind us and told me he’d move it if need be. When I smiled and said it wasn’t a problem, he said “thank you, my friend,” and I was blown away by how sincere he sounded.

I carried on with my work, but I kept what he said in the back of my mind.


We don’t call strangers that very often.

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